Save for your Rent,
without thinking about it.


Paymyrent automatically saves a portion of your
income daily, weekly or monthly for your rent.

Why Is It Special?

Access to Loan

Paymyrent allows you to borrow from your savings when the need arises.

Interest per deposit

You earn up to 7% interest per deposit anytime you save on Paymyrent.

Get Help

We have an in-house Lawyer that sorts all rent issues you might have.

We Make You Smile When Your Rent Is Due!

Paymyrent makes savings for house rent possible. With our house rent savings platform, you can save daily, weekly or monthly towards your house rent payment. As part of our way of encouraging your savings, you will earn up to 7% interest on your savings per deposit. We also have an in-house Lawyer that sorts all rent issues you might have.

Awesome Features

Get Loan

Paymyrent gives you access to loan. You are entitled to a loan of 10% of your total savings with 0% interest rate when the need arises.

Interest Per Deposit

Earn up to 7% interest on your savings per deposit (i.e. If you save NGN100,000, you earn an interest of NGN5,000).

Quick Save

Paymyrent does not restrict you to save only on your selected saving date. You can use Quick Save to topup your savings when you have extra money.

Awesome Experience

Paymyrent is fast, transparent and easy to use. We show our customers a log of every transaction that occurs on their account.


Paymyrent is flexible enough to accomodate however you wish to save. You can choose to save an amount either daily, weekly or monthly.

24/7 Online Support

We are always available to help and answer any question you might have. If you have any question(s), you can send us a message here.

“Paymyrent is a great platform for saving.. I've been using it for about 6 months now and my savings has grown drastically... Also the interest is to die sure meets my urgent needs all the time coz i can withdraw my interest almost immediately... Every one should really get on's the perfect savings platform.”



“Paying my house rent has been made so easy and convenient ever since I started saving with paymyrent.”


Model Artist

“Paymyrent has helped me not to worry about money, I know my rent is secured, and paying other bills has always been with ease. Thank you Paymyrent.”



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